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2010-12-21 18:46:14

PTFE Tube ,PTFE Flex tube,PTFE Pipe,PTFE Flex Pipe,PTFE Hose,PTFE Flex Hose,Corrugated Teflon hose,Teflon Flex hose

Detailed Product Description
1,Shock absorption
2,chemical,pressure,temp,resistance,good lubricating
4,Temperature: Constant use range from -50°C~ +210°C, Instant use: -70°C~ +260°C.

Hose tube made from PTFE powder has the performance as wide service temperature range, high chemical resistance, high insulation, non-stick, low friction and long life.
PTFE pipe is made by plunger extrusion of suspension polymerized PTFE resin. Among all the existing plastics, PTFE has the best corrosion-resistance and dielectricity.

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